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Semicircular Granite Fountain

A wonderful, cup-shaped Granite Fountain, about 40 years old.

Dimensions: 115 x 66 x 75cm (45 x 26 x 30in.)

[Translate to Englisch:] antiker kalksteinbrunnen aus der schweiz

Antique limestone fountain from Geneva

The fountain is from the coast of Lake Geneva (Cologny) in Switzerland. From around the year 1900

Dimensions: 160 x 82 x 84cm (63 x 32 x 33in.)

Old sandstone fountain

The trough was once a fountain wall, the ground was attached later. The smithed sprout is installed and the water connection works fine

From the 19th century. The dating of the trough is hard to read - probably 1856

Dimensions: Ø 132cm (Ø 52in.)

Antique sandstone fountain from Switzerland (11)

The origin of this fountain is Rapperswil at Lake Zurich. The trough is from 1859, the pillar on top, which was added later, from about 40 years ago

Dimensions: 270 x 103 x 72 (106 x 41 x 28in.)