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Impressive Limestone Fountain

A rare object with an arch on top and space for a sculpture

Dimensions: 190 x 137 x 360cm (75 x 54 x 142in.) 


Chateau fountain out of limestone, from Loire (399)

Historical piece from France, back in 1889

Dimensions: 148 x 121 x 80cm (58 x 48 x 32in.)

Swiss Limestone Fountain

Very rare, 5 meter long limestone fountain with separated troughs

Dimensions trough: 507 x 200cm, height 60cm (200 x 79in., height 24in.)

Dimensions pillar: 40 x 40cm, height 180cm (16 x 16in., height 71in.)

Town Fountain, dated 1930

Town Fountain with pillar and two troughs, 1930

From eastern Switzerland

Dimensions trough: 235 x 175 x 75cm (93 x 69 x 30in.)
Dimensions pillar: 33 x 33cm, 188cm high (13 x 13in., 74in. high)


Center Fountain made of Iron Cast

High-quality cast of an english model

Dimensions: Ø basin 270cm, 116cm and 60cm; height 210cm
Dimensions: Ø basin 92in., 46in. and 24in.; height 83in.


Historical chateau fountain, art noveau (499)

A historical palace/castle fountain with a central sprout