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Deer in Bronze, signed by Rothenbühl

Beautiful heavy bronze cast, signed by the artist


Dancing Women in Bronze

From a villa in Switzerland, around 15-years old, made in Asia, good quality and nice expression.

Dimensions: 223cm (88in.) tall, 114cm (45in.) wide
base Ø 56cm (22in.)

Women dancing, Bronze

Very nice modelled Womend dancing. Details are extremly well done. Center figur for the garden.

Dimensions: 225cm (88.5in.) tall, 115cm x 90cm (45 x 35.5in.) wide

Horse from the 20th century

Cast bronze, around 30 years old

Dimensions: 100cm (40in.) tall


Horse signed by P.J. Mêne (169)

Beautiful artistic realisation of a wild horse, signed by the artist

Bronze Statue

A Life-Sice-Statue from the early 20th century

Dimensions base stone: 35 x 30 cm (14 x 12 in.)

Bronze Horse (168)

Cast bronze, about 40 years old

Bronze lion (166)

A Cast bronze lion from the 20th century, from asia

Dimensions: 100cm (40in.) tall


Cast Bronze Lion (165)

About 30 years old, from asia

Dimensions: 100cm (40in.) tall