Forging work

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A view into the forge

A visit to the award-winning forge named Breidenbach


A golden dome for the Berlin Cathedral

15 meters high and 12 tons heavy. A challenge, not everybody was up to. Breidenbach won the nationwide tender and gave the cathedral a new crown.


The landmark of Hamburg - The Elbe Philharmonic Hall

Based right under the roof of the fascinating building a luxury apartement gives its owner a spectacular view. Breidenbachs craftsmanship was demanded, so he buildet a unique designed staircase with an attached gallery for the international company Schotten & Hansen.


Loving Couple

Dimensions: 2.20m (86.5in.), weight 100kg (220.5 lb)



Dimensions: 2.90m (114in.) tall, weight 300kg (661.5 lb)


From crude steel to art

Get an insight into the fascinating work of a blacksmith


Dancing in the wind

Figures and wind chimes out of stainless steel

Three trumpet playing angels

This Object is made of forged iron, placed on stainless steel rods


Smithed heron

Real craftsmanship made of forged bronze, life-size