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Crucifix with Corpus

Masterful work of Jesus on the cross, 19th century
Dimensions: 115 x 60cm (45 x 24in)


Pair of Natural Stone Vases, Carried by two Putti

Muschelkalk, from the second half of the 20th century

Slightly flaked

Sandstone Lion, 17th century

This sculpture was once placed in a timber building at a geight of 5 metres. We have original photos from the old location also available.

Dimensions: 51 x 20cm, 30cm tall (20 x 8in., 12in. tall)

Antique Capricorns out of Sandstone

Pair of capricorns, first half of the 20th century

One has an injured leg

Dimensions: height 70cm, base 90 x 28cm (height 28in., base 35in x 11in.)

Pair of Flowerpots, Sandstone

Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 40cm (17 x 17 x 16in.)


Pair of Stone Vases

Two goblet-shaped stone vases
75cm (29.5in), base stone 22 x 22cm (8.5 x 8.5in)



85cm (33.5in) high, basestone: 30 x 25cm (12 x 10in)


Church Rooster

Single-sided crafted, flat back
Dimensions: 65 x 50 x 15cm (25.5 x 20 x 6in)


Oversized Sculpture, Muschelkalk

A masterpiece, very elaborate stone-carver work with beautiful details

Restoration on the right hand side

Dimensions: 250cm (99in.)

Terra Cotta (344)

From a monestary in Mulhouse, France. 19th century

Dimensions: 119cm (47in.) tall, base stone 29 x 25cm (11 x 10 in.)

Terra Cotta (343)

From a monestary in Mulhouse, France. 19th century

Dimensions: 120cm (47in.) tall


Marble figure from 19th century (342)

From France

Dimensions: 69cm (27in.) tall


Putti Quartet out of Savonnièeres Limestone (50)

Dimensions: height 90cm, base 25 x 25cm (height 35in., base 10 x 10in.)

Sandstone Vases from Italy (204)

Dimensions: Ø 70cm, height 100cm, base 37 x 37cm (Ø 28in., height 39in., base 15 x 15in.)


Cup-Shaped Vase-Pair (398)

Dimensions: Ø 65cm, height 65cm, base 30 x 30cm ( Ø 26in., height 26in., base 12 x 12in.)


Marble Pieta from 19th century

Masterful and unique work from the 19th century

One broken spot at a finger

Dimensions: 90cm (35in.) tall, base stone 80 x 38cm (32 x 15in.)

Grave Angel, Marble (339)

Angel with crucifix from the 19th century

Dimensions: 82cm tall (32in.)


Two Angel Puttos with a bouquet of flowers (335)

Marble figures from the 19th century

Dimensions: 76cm (26in.) tall, base stone 32 x 23cm (13 x 9 in.)


Praying Angel out of Marble (332)

Dimensions: 56cm (22in.) tall, base stone 14 x 15cm (5.5 x 6in.)


Angel with raised wings (328)

A second figure in the same style is available

Dimensions: 115cm (45in.) tall, base stone 28 x 25cm (11 x 10in.)

Antique Marble Angel from 19th century (327)

Dimensions: 70cm (28in.), base stone 19 x 19cm (7 x 7in.)


Kneeling Grave Angel with Crucifix (326)

Dimensions: 54cm (21in.) tall, base stone 28 x 27cm (11 x 10.5in)


Angel, 19th century (379)

Antique angel from northern Germany

Dimensions: base stone 34 x 29cm (13 x 11in.), 110cm (43in.) tall

Marble Figure of an Angel with Crucifix and Dove

An excellent work from the 19th century, finely detailed and wonderful composed

Dimensions: 95cm (37in.) tall, base stone 42 x 31cm (17 x 12in.)

Marble Figure of a girl with flowers (322)

Dimensions: 88cm (35in) tall, base stone 23 x 20cm (9 x 8in.)


Praying Angel out of Marble (320)

Classic illustration of a beautiful kneeling angel, 19th century

Dimensions: 78cm (31in.) tall, base stone 31 x 26cm (12 x 10in.)

Marble Figure of a putto with flowers (310)

Used to be a grave angel, 19th century, from France

Dimensions: 96cm (38in.), base stone 33 x 30cm (13 x 12in.)

Dove of piece with flowers (308)

Dimensions: 71cm (28in.) tall, base stone 26 x 26cm (10 x 10in.)


Angel with flowers next to a tree stump (305)

Classic illustration of a grave angel, 19th century

Dimensions: 65cm (26in.) tall, base stone 35 x 30cm (14 x 12in.)

Flower vase with two praying angels (304)

Marble figures of kneeling angels

Dimensions: 40cm (16in.) tall, base stone 55 x 20cm (22 x 8in.)

Marble grave angel with crucifix (303)

Wonderful work from the 19th century

Dimensions: 112cm (44in.) tall, base stone 30 x 28cm (12 x 11in.)

Ornament, garden decor

Stone vase with great ornamentation

Dimensions: 80cm (32in.) high, base stone 20 x 20cm (8 x 8in.)

Mary, mother of god (319)

Dimensions: 85cm (33.5in.) tall, base stone Ø 20cm (8in.)


La Salette, Sandstone (318)

Beautiful illustration of the appearance of Mother Mary in La Salette. Masterful work from the 19th century

Dimensions: 149cm (59in.), base stone 60 x 50cm (24 x 20in.)



Marble pair of angels with a flower vase (317)

Gorgeous expression of the two angels. Quite dark patina which could be lightenend up, 19th century

Dimensions: 72cm (28in.) tall, base stone 61 x 27cm (24 x 10.5in.)

Muschelkalk eagle from the 20th century

A pretty eagle out of shell limestone

Dimensions: 73cm (29in.) tall, base stone 50 x 40cm (20 x 16in.)

Fountain figure, two muschekalk Putti with dolphin

From the 20th century, out of shell limestone

Dimensions: 140cm (55in.) tall, base stone 82 x 50cm (32 x 20in.)

Faun with pan flute (88)

Muschelkalk, around 50 years old

Dimensions: 77cm (30in.) tall, base stone: 45 x 36cm (18 x 14in.)

Gothic Figure of archangel Michael

A really rare gothic figure from the 15th century, Rouen, France. Archangel Michael out of lime stone

Dimensions: 88cm (34.5in.) tall